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We recommend that all visitors be at least 18 years of age before entering. This room is moderated however since it is on an open public Internet Relay Chat Network we do not control who enters the room or information that they may post.


  • 1. Please do not post any rude or pornographic material
  • 2. General and casual chat is fine, but keep it civil and don't hijack other conversations going on .
  • 3. Spamming random music and image-links will not be tolerated
  • 4. To change your nickname type /nick (newnickname) Example: /nick SuperBob
  • 5. If your nick does not change right away it may be already taken. Try another or add some numbers after it.
  • 6. If you have mIRC or any other chat programs we can be found on EFNet in #new_world_order
  • 7. It is possible you will lose connection to the chatroom at times. This does not mean you were kicked out of the room.

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